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I have this certain feeling
that I am the only one
far and wide
who's not using
f/1.8 or f/1.4
  • Listening to: nightwish
  • Eating: quinoa cookies
I never was very interested in Marco Photography, I've always been that "wide angle"-type. For my final project at college now I dip into the huge cosmos of very tiny things. And the technical possibilities of Macro Photography. Hum! Very interesting, but I think I won't keep on with that stuff after my graduation.
  • Listening to: cat sleeping
I have plenty of old minolta lenses from my granpa. I use them on my minolta cameras, but I often liked to use them on my digital nikon body. So I ordered an adapter which will arrive in a few days. I'm looking forward!
  • Listening to: oven baking brownies

My mentor said yes to my concept of my bachelor thesis. It's about flowers, so I will upload lots of blossoms very soon.
In one year I will officially be an adult.
Own sickness insurance but no child benefits anymore.
I cry silently, I cry inside of me.